When it comes to successfully completing your doctoral studies and presenting your master thesis defense in front of a panel of experts, you’re probably nervous beyond belief. This makes perfect sense, but there’s no need to worry for another second. We work alongside a select team of postdoctoral researchers who have a special interest in education to provide you with advice and support with this great undertaking.

Professional Thesis Defense Presentation Example

Can an Example of Thesis Defense Presentation Help You?

A thesis defense example can often be an excellent way of fully understanding how you should put your own presentation together. Many students will struggle with their defense, or leave things to the last minute as they are prone to doing and will then need help with it. Your presentation must be capable of showing your research in the best possible light in a way that is going to impress those watching you. It also needs to cover much of what the panel may want to ask you allowing you to avoid many of the questions that they may want to ask you.

Knowing what to cover within your presentation and what you can safely leave out however is a difficult matter. Many will struggle with this as well the mechanics of putting together an impressive set of slides in your chosen format.

How Can a Thesis Defense Example Help You?

Samples of defense presentations are a great way of seeing just how other people have gone about presenting their own research papers. They can show you the level of detail that you need to go to, the things that you need to cover and the quality of graphics that you should be using.

Obviously you should never simply copy anything that you find, not only would this be plagiarism it would be unlikely to fit your own research. Using a thesis defense PowerPoint template would be fine, although you should check if your department has any specific requirements for the format of your presentation before you start.

How to Present Your Thesis Defense

Your defense will start with a speech meant to inform the audience of your research; how you conducted it, what you found, and of course what it actually means for your field. You will need to support your talk with a suitable presentation to illustrate what you are talking about. The following tips will help you with ensuring that you are able to put together an excellent presentation and be able to present it well:

  • Check with your supervisor as to the exact requirements for your defense; you will need to know what their expectations are, how long you will be expected to talk for, and also how long you will need to be able to field questions for. You may also want to know just who you will be presenting to.
  • Attend any defense in your field so that you get a feel for how others do it and how the various panel members will question those presenting. This will help you not only get a better feel for what to expect but also educate you as to the things that you really want to avoid doing.
  • Identify the key points from your research paper that you will need to include within your research. Remember you are not simply going to try to regurgitate everything that you have done. Find the most important factors that you need to cover just as you did when writing your abstract.
  • Use a master thesis defense presentation template or something similar. Ensure that your font is readable and that any background does not interfere with it.
  • Do not simply copy large amounts of your text into each slide from your thesis. You are not there to just read aloud from your paper. Use bullet points and graphics that will support what you have to say.
  • Stick to minimal amounts of text, use simple and clear bullets that you will use to prompt and support your speech.
  • Ensure that all graphics are produced in a consistent style. Make sure that graphs have scales and titles. If you use tables ensure that they are readable.
  • Have a clear introduction and conclusion rather than just tapering off into nothing.
  • Practice the process of presenting a topic; present your thesis to friends and family so that you get everything to the point where it is second nature. Keep your speech slow and even so that it is not rushed and is easy to understand.
  • Make sure that your speech can be finished within the time that is allocated for your to speak.
  • Try to identify the types of questions that you may be asked; if there are any questions that you are sure of being asked you can create additional slides of information to support them.
  • Proofread your presentation very carefully; you don’t want avoidable mistakes ruining what you have to say.
  • Relax.

We Can Help with Your Thesis Defense

We offer support with all areas of your defense through staff that are qualified to post graduate degree level in the specific areas in which they work to ensure a full understanding. They work directly with you through our professional services to provide you with totally flexible support that can help with everything from writing your slides to coaching you for the question and answer session. All of our professional powerpoint presentation services are covered by a full satisfaction money back guarantee and will always be delivered within the time frame that you request.